Kwesé and ESL launch R2 million ESL African Championship tournament

Charlie Fripp Digital Games Editor
Can you flip Hearthstone cards like a magician and decimate the competition in one fell swoop? Is your team the best at breaching, clearing and planting bombs in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? 

Well, you are in luck as Kwesé is incredibly proud to partner with ESL to launch the ESL African Championship. Through the partnership, it is the first time that ESL will be hosting an esports tournament on African soil, and the total prize pool for the tournament is R2 million for the year.

Just in case you didn’t know, ESL is the oldest and biggest eSports company in the world.

How will it work?

The ESL African Championship will consist of two well-loved games: multiplayer team based shooting game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as well as the free-to-play individual card game Hearthstone.

The online qualifiers for Hearthstone will be hosted on 15, 22 and 29 April, as well as 6 May. Don’t despair if you don’t manage to crack on nod in the first qualifier, as you can try your hand at entering as many times as you like.

For Counter-Strike: GO, the online qualifiers will be hosted on 23 and 30 April. The championship will be hosted on ESEA’s South African game servers in Cape Town, and protected by their industry-leading anticheat system.

Naturally all tournaments need a grand finale, complete with flashy lights and loud music. Well, the ESL African Championship is no different as the finale of both games will take place at rAge in Johannesburg in October. Just a side note: the qualifying stages for the final will be played online, while the final itself will be played offline at rAge.

Who will be able to enter?

Well, that is just the beauty of it – everybody in Africa can play in the Hearthstone tournament, but there are some restrictions when it comes to CS:GO because of  latency and technical infrastructure requirements.

The first pre-series of CS:GO will be limited to South African teams. The second series which kicks off in July will also be open to Northern African teams and these series will culminate at the end of the year where the best teams from the South will face off against the best teams in the North to determine who is the best of the best.

In order to compete competitively in CS:GO, players will need to have a paid-for ESEA subscription, but Kwesé has organised that potential champions get the subscription for free, for the duration of the tournament.

However, players from all countries in Africa are eligible to enter the Hearthstone tournament. If you fall outside of the included regions this time around, don’t worry too much as Kwesé will look at expanding the tournament and accommodating more countries next year.

How do you enter?

To enter into the Hearthstone and/or Counter-Strike: GO tournaments, just go to the individual pages for each game and complete the sign-up sheets there. For Hearthstone, you can click here, and for CS:GO, you can click here.



We are excited to bring the ESL African Championship to the local esports community,” said Malte Barth, Executive Board Member at ESL. “By giving gamers the opportunity to compete at the leading global leagues and tournaments, we help them pave their way to create legendary moments within the ESL esports universe. Together with our partner Kwesé, we are committed to making the ESL African Championship a great success!

More information

The first series of the ESL African Championship will run from 15 April to June, with the second series running from July to October, culminating in the grand finale. The top four teams of CS:GO as well as the top four Hearthstone players will compete against each other for the biggest prize in African esports.

“Kwesé is incredibly proud to partner with the ESL to introduce such an exciting tournament to the African continent. We know esports are growing in popularity on the continent so it’s important for us put esports on the map, and make it accessible for participants and viewers through initiatives such as these. We pride ourselves in being innovative in our approach to entertainment, and have a keen interest in making non-conventional sports and entertainment formats available on our platforms. ” said Joseph Hundah, Chief Executive Officer of Econet Media

For more information on the ESL African Championship presented by Kwesé TV, competition details and entry criteria, be sure to visit the official ESL African Championship website, follow ESL Africa on Facebook, or if Twitter is your thing, give them a follow as well.

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